Friday, November 16, 2007


I know I talk a lot about how awesome it is to be gay, because I'm gay and I'm a very awesome person.  However, it really isn't the perfect glorious heaven I make it out to be, because of one thing:  Discrimination.
We had another blood drive at school and, of course, gays aren't allowed to donate.  The question is:  Why?  All donated blood is screened for HIV, other STDs, even cholesterol levels.  Do gays have a SuperHIV?  Yes.  We do.  We ALL have this new SuperHIV.  It kills all life on contact, this is why we have no souls.

And what's this deal about gays not being allowed to marry?  That's pretty uncool.  Are they afraid we might bring down the exorbitant divorce rate?  Do they think we may set up drive-through chapels (wait.....)?  I don't see how we can make marriage any worse.  The only direction the intitution ca go is up!  I think that they are just afraid that we'll do it betterthan them.  They don't want us to show them the right way to have a marriage--a family--a life.  Banning gay marriage is their way of cutting down the competition.
And there's no escape from this perennial discrimination.  At least women can pretend to be male, blacks can pretend to be white--gays have no escape because no matter how straight we pretend to be, we can always be picked out by our impeccable fashion sense and fabulous wardrobe.

Quote of the Day:  "I'm glad I don't live in the attic, it would get so dusty..."