Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Winning Games

Okay, you know that game where two people stare at each other and the first to laugh loses?  Yea, I officially declare that game dumb.  Why?  Because I have never, in my ENTIRE life, won that game.  Naturally, the world should follow my own school of thought.

Seriously, I spent at least five minutes trying to play today, but I'm laughing before we even begin.  That's a new kind of talent right there!
So I have an idea for a game to replace the "Stare Until Jason Laughs" game.  I call it the "Stare Until One or Both of the Players is Incapacitated" game.  It goes like this:  Both players stare at each other.  The first one to die loses.  Sounds fun, eh?  Oh, and the players get guns. is it that all of my games turn out to be violent somehow?  I blame it on the media.

Quote of the Day:  "My favorite kind of llama is the one that teleports through time."

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