Tuesday, April 4, 2006

That One Song That Uncannily Describes My Mood

You know how sometime a song fits your mood so PERFECTLY that you have to post it as an entire blog without explanation?  This is one of those!  You know, except for this explanation here.  And the one that comes later.  I'm not very good at this, am I?  Anyway, to the song:
I should probably tell you what the song is, first.  Well...see...I don't know the name.  It's that one song with a descriptive name...you see.  By that...uhhh...who was he again?  You know, that one guy.  Anyway, really to the song now:

Okay, I can't exactly remember the song to be honest.  But it has a very catchy tune.  It's all like do-dee-do-da, something something something.  You know the song I'm talking about, right?  That one descriptive song?  It has a preposition here and there, a few nouns and some adjectives--all sprinkled with a few verbs...you know, THAT song.
So now you know perfectly how I feel and I have no need to actually explain anything, right?  That is all.

Quote of the Day:  "Wasn't that another fun day of fighting aquatic vigilantes?"

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